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    where does this part go?

    Where does number 2 on this image go. I have the part, and im assembeling the crankcase, but I cannot figure out where it goes. It fits well at the end of the bendix, but I highly doubt thats where it belongs.

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    Item #2 is a brass bushing that presses into the case.

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    where abouts? Which case, the crankcase, inner stator housing, or outer stator houseing? Will I have to take the flywheel back off to install? Or is it likely that the stock one is still in there? (I purchased all the little parts for the crankcase new for fear of losing some, so if its pressed in, its most likely still in there)

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    The starter index sits in the bushing which presses into the cover (#7) at the end of #6 line.
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    Ok, it sits behind another piece which is pressed into the same area then? I'm pretty sure I got it.

    I got a few more pieces sitting around that I'm lost on. Damn, I wish I would have just completely disassembeled the whole thing myself.

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    Ok, here is what I got on the stator housing right now.

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to pull the flywheel off again because I forgot to put that brass wire holder thing in there.

    Heres some pics of what I got.

    And where does this go? I just found this now and the diagrams in the manual I looked at are very non-descriptive on this area of the motor.

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    It seems like I'm missing some kind of piece that goes in front of the flywheel???

    Number 6?? Or was that likely on the back of the flywheel when I put it on? I dont recall it being there, but I'm guessing thats the actual thing that spins / adjusts timing, which would me that it is on there.

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    Yes, #6 was clearly on there...

    Thats kinda how the flywheel is mounted.

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    You should have 3 of these, as they hold the heads to the jugs i believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZOMGVTEK View Post
    Yes, #6 was clearly on there...

    Thats kinda how the flywheel is mounted.
    #6 is mounted against the inside back of the flywheel, with two screws that come through from the front. The screws are mounted in slots, as #6 is the Hall Effect timing ring.

    You adjust engine timing by loosening the screws and moving the screws around in the slots. Don't touch those screws unless you need to change the timing.

    Quote Originally Posted by ryanbgb22 View Post
    Ok, here is what I got on the stator housing right now...

    Do you have #9, the washer that goes under the big flywheel nut?

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