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    Post Carb. pop-off pressure

    04 Freedom 700 with fresh SBT short block. Oil pump is blocked off.Break-in at 32:1 first tank. Now running 40:1.Unit runs well but has a hesitation. Book calls for 18# to 22# pop-off. Mine is 17# is higher or lower better. Or should I look elsewere. Carb. is Kiehin CDKII and unit is stock.

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    Keihin carbs have an accelerator pump. May want to look into that.

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    First check compression and see where it is.

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    Compression is good. My main concern is the importance of pop-off pressure. And if higher or lower within spec. is better.

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    Low pop off pressure won't cause a "hesitation". A hesitation is caused by a lean condition, and a low pop off creates a rich condition. Could have an air leak somewhere on that SBT special.

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    Have you checked your timing on that SBT engine?? I would start there and then look at fuel issue. SBT is famous for reducing compression in there wonderful rebuilds which can and will cause the hesitation you are getting. If the timing is bit slow it will enhance it


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