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    97-99 1200 or 00-03 1200r

    I know alot about the early 1200 and hull. Problems with it and here and there stuff. I was wondering what was the best year for the 1200r? What years for nonpv and pv? How is the 1200r on gas? Is the 1200r really that much bigger then the 1200? If anyone had to pick which of these years would you pick and why? What was the 1200r on gps?

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    Well I will say I am no fan of the GPR. I think the 1200 NPV is a much better engine. I dont see many oof either anymore at the shop. I am sure that most of the GPR's have blown by now. I have seen 2 with broken Cranks and both were right around 220 hours. (first cylinder)The Catalitic converter seemed to fail before 75 hours and the Power valves 100..even with the clips. These were people that didnt fix thier own Ski's. One of the 220 hour engines was looked at for a rebuild but the cylinders had spots at the top of the stroke were the rings had worn through the NIcasil.. The other I wasnt their for the tear down...Stick with the old 1200

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    I do not know much about the GP other than what I have read. I know they are great machines and are easy to work on. The only problem that I know is that they are limited in the speed they can make.
    I do know the GPRs well. Once you get past the pipe, the GPR is easy to work on.
    With no porting, the 1200s are capible of running 76+ and the 1300s can run 78+. With porting, 83+ is doable on the 1300s.

    2000 to 2002 are 1200 carbed pv motors.
    2003 to 2004 are 1300 EFI pv motors.
    2005 to 2008 are 1300 EFI non-pv motors.

    2003 to 2008 hulls are a little "thinner" in the pump tunnel and require reinforcement to handle additional speed of mods. This is actually something to do on any year GPR hull that will be modded.

    The early model PV motors had issues with the pins coming out of the power valves and dropping into the cylinders. For $60.00 and 10 minutes of time, this is easily fixed.

    All of these motors have catalytic converters that are known to come apart and cause additional engine damage. For $100 and change and 1 hour of time, this can be fixed.

    On the carbed skis, the oil lines have also been known to come off of the carbs. You can fix this while you have the pipe off by either securing the lines with stainless steel wire or remove the oil injection with a block off plate and go premix.

    If you do the preventative mods, you will not have much to worry about until you get over 200 hours. There are several skis that have 300 hours on them. I think that in most cases, the length of time these skis will last has a lot to do to the mods you to do them and the way you ride and take care of them.

    As for fuel consumption, any 3 cylinder 2 stroke will be a pig. The 1300s will drink a little more fuel than the 1200. Not too sure about the 1200gp.

    I am sure if I forgot something or if I am mistaken, others will chime in.
    Good luck and I hope this helps.

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    I own both and much prefer the GPR. better ride, better handling, great horsepower, better milage. Plenty of ways to set it up for your riding style. get the GPR

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    I've had both.

    GPR is quicker once moving, the GP hauls ass out of the gate.
    GP is lighter and more fun to ride, IMO
    GPR feels bulky and you cant hit the waves like you could with a GP.

    If i was choosing between both, i'd like with the GP.

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    thanks......i have always heard that the 98-99 gp are still about the best skis you can buy. I have also heard alot about the pv engines having lots of trouble. Im use to a 1100 so i never have problems...

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    I own both and they are both great machines. A well tuned GP will beat a well tuned GPR out of the hole and is much more snappy. The GPR has a better 50+ punch and more top speed.

    It is much easier to tune the carbs on a GP due to the pipe not wrapping around the entire motor and over the intake system like the GPR does. However, this big pipe that gets in the way of everything also is the reason it has good midrange and topend. The 03-08 GPR's are easy to tune with an aftermarket EFI controller. You don't even have to lift the seat to make fuel adjustments.

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