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    The Riva Racing HydroDrag Fall Nationals will take place on Saturday, November 15th, 2008 in Fellsmere, FL at the legendary C-54 Canal. This event will be the second HydroDrag produced by WaterTop unlimited and looks to end the 2008 riding season in grand fashion. Following the premier Spring national event taking last April, the WaterTop staff has fined tuned the “Launch Pad” starting system for a spectacular starting spectacular and undeniably the fairest starting procedure in watercraft racing. The class structure has also been revised after listening to the high-performance community.
    There will be two competitions at the HydroDrag event: Speed Alley and the HydroDrag Fall Nationals
    · Speed Alley is a all-out top speed competition where each competitor in each class will have two runs (approximately ½ mile) to post their top speed in front of a Stalker Radar Gun.
    · The HydroDrag Fall Nationals is a head-to-head 1/8 mile APBA Sanctioned drag race between competitors starting from the WaterTop Launch Pad starting system.
    The current class structure for both competitions includes:
    · Hydro Vintage – PWC produced in 1998 and prior and according to APBA Modified rules
    · Hydro Stock – PWC according to APBA Stock class rules
    · Hydro Limited – PWC according to APBA Limited class rules
    · Hydro Unlimited – PWC according to APBA Modified class with numerous addendums including (but not limited to) the inclusion of conversion PWC, use of Nitrous, top deck reconfiguration, and more (outlined in WaterTop HydroDrag Rules)
    Two new classes have been added to the Speed Alley competition, both are subcategories of Hydro Unlimited.
    · Hydro Unlimited – Single Pipe, Two-strokes
    · Hydro Unlimited – Triple Pipe, Two-strokes
    In conjunction with the RIVA Racing HydroDrag Fall Nationals will be the Route 1 Motorsports Poker Run on Sunday, November 16th out of Captain Hirams Marina in Sebastian, FL. This will be a 40-mile round trip on the Indian River with five stops along the way with one including test rides on the NEW 2009 Sea-Doo watercraft. Route 1 Motorsports is the newest Sea-Doo dealer in Central Florida located in Grant, FL.
    Registration information is available by e-mailing [email protected].
    Complete event information will be available at by August 29.

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    Tim thanks for adding the 2 stroke classes. IMO it is the perfect addition. All single piped 2 strokes, both efi and carbed will make for some awesome racing action, and giving the triple pipers their own class is fantastic!

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    Should be another great event!

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    I will be there, plus 6


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    have any hotel info yet....or deals on hotels.....

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    side bets

    is there any side beting at this event ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VW-ONE View Post
    is there any side beting at this event ?

    u wanna run for $$$$$$$ ?

    post that up under the Hydrodrag section in the "southeast section"

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD 1 View Post
    u wanna run for $$$$$$$ ?

    post that up under the Hydrodrag section in the "southeast section"

    I mean really Dan......Maybe you guys in the open unlimited class you all can throw around some green backs but chit man if I had half the money that you guys have put into yalls stuff I would be boasting anyone want side bets too...

    I am going to keep my butt in the stock and limited class and hope I can just keep it off the damn rev limiter....

    Oh sorry Dan Vince brought that up.......I am shure there will be some guys doing some bookie work why we are there look for the midget with the green visor say 3 to 1 odds on Vince...J/K
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