Is there a test I can run to check my cooling system for leaks or a crack in something before I put the engine back in? My initial problem was I had water coming in # 2 and # 3 cylinder. From what I have read here I may have never resolved the problem when I put it back together because I torqued the cylinders down to spec first then installed the exaust manifold which I gather may have ripped the gaskets and thus a leak. I see now that you install the cylinders, mount the exhaust, torque the cylinders then the exhaust (thats right I hope)
What if I block off the cooling inlets and outlets and just use one of the 1/2 inch inlets and pressureize the water jacket to see if it holds or leaks back in to the block or cylinders. Im a tech by trade and that seems feasible to me, help me out you more experianced guys before I blow up something or throw it out a second story window!!