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Thread: Low 951 rpm's

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    Low 951 rpm's

    I put a Nu-jet 6.0 in my xpl and took it out and it would only turn about 6600 rpm's at 62 mph them blew my motor so I sent it off to impros to get it rebent. They bent it down to a 12/17 and I rebuilt my motor and now it's only turning about 6400 but I haven't got a gps on it yet but I can tell that it is sluggish. I've got the carb's rejetted, r&d head with 49 cc domes, white pipe, and a baffled tdr box. My question is what could be the problem or should I just take it out and put a diffferent one in there cause that one is a piece of junk cause it ran a lot better with the stocker.

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    Go back to the known.

    If you go back to the stocker and run it, at least you will confirm if you have a pitch problem over a tuning issue!
    Hope that helps.

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