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    Code 66 (Stepping motor stuck closed)

    Was out today giving it a run and started beeping and engine flashing, so I shut down the motor (mistake). It the would not start and when i tried to restart it the error code was gone. So nothing was working just kept cranking and nothing. Ended up disconnecting/reconnecting the battery and then it started when i cranked it and gave some throttle.

    Rode it some more and it came back on, this time I just held the button and got a code 66. I don't know if its related, but the throttle cable was hard to move the other day, had to break it loose while I was lubricating it. Also the cable seemed to be sticky. Not letting the RPMs drop all the way to idle a couple times.

    Luckily its under a 5yr waranty, but can anyone tell me if there is something I can do to prevent this from happening in the future and where specifically this stepping motor is?

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    The stepping motor act as an idle control motor... You cable sounds like it needs to go back for the recall... I personally wouldnt ride a ski with a cable that I had to break loose... Think of the danger involved. Check the sticky in the above section and read the "New Gpr Bulletin"

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    Alright thanks. I already took it to the shop this morning. Should be taken care of by warranty and recall. Looks like 1-2 weeks without the ski. Just got home on leave from military too . Looks like next month I'll get to ride them again.

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    Looks like they are replacing the Throttle Body under warranty. Does anyone know if this problem might have been prevented? It didn't have a problem until after de-winterizing it. After it sat for a while it started to have this problem.

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    Ok, so now Yamaha is arguing that it might not be covered under warranty. Can anyone please tell me where in the manual it would list preventative maintenance for TB problems? I ride in Salt water, but after every ride I spray down the whole engine bay with fresh water, and flush and run the engine for about 10-15 mins. I also sprayed the whole engine with Yamaha Silicon Spray, to protect against corrosion. I've done almost everything I can imagine to prevent this stuff from happening.

    One thing I did notice though. After this winterization, parts were somewhat corroded that weren't before. Should I winterize with the seat cracked open, or the front bin open, to promote circulation of air?

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    I always ventilate the hull to get all the moisture out of there.

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