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    Compression Checking an XLT800

    Hi, new to the forum and new to PWC's but have been lurking for a while and haven't seen anything on this. I'm looking at a 2003 XLT800 for the family. It hasn't been run this year, and the owner has dropped the insurance, so she doesn't want to allow a water trial. It only has 20 hours on it, and all she did to winerize apparently was a little stabil in the gas. So, I could either write it off, or at least compression test it first. I have the tester, but was wondering what the proper procedure is for protecting the ignition on a PWC. Are there grounding lugs for the spark plug wires on an XLT? Also, I know on a boat, you can pull the lanyard to kill the power to the ignition yet it will still turn over. Does that work on a PWC the same way? Don't want to fry her power pack in the process.

    Assuming the test is basically the same as a boat, warm it up a bit. Take out the plugs and ground the wires (or maybe pull the lanyard), full throttle and turn it over a few times on each cylinder. That about it?

    Also, I will be concerned about carb varnish with the long storage. If it idles ok is that a decent enough test? And can I run it for an extended period flushing it? I think she has a flush kit.

    Thanks in advance.


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    There are not any grounding lugs on my XLT 1200 so I have short jumper wires with alligator clips on the ends and cliped them to the terminal inside the boot and to the motor.

    Sound like you have the procedure down but there are plenty of posts on the subject.

    I don't know why you couldn't run it for an extended period on the hose, it is just that the engine runs different with a load on the prop. I don;t know about varnish build up, but you would probably want to rebuild the carbs anyway.

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