Followed break-in procedure to the "t" with the book open. Driver 235 lbs, passenger 130 lbs., 95 degrees wind 5-10 mph.

Hats Off Motorsports - Omaha, Nebraska told me this ski was a very dry
hull. NOT!

This hull when idleing is plowing under the water at the front tip nearly half the time. Any wake will go up half the nose of the ski, over the very low ineffective mirrors, and swamp the footwells. Spray from the hull pushes forward until approx. 35 mph. We were wet enough to keep cool but don't like this much spray and submarinning in colder water. This is my fourth 3-seater. '94 Polaris SLT-750 (just sold) and '95 Kawasaki ST-750 (also just sold) were drier running then this Yamaha product. My '04 Honda F12X was much drier. The VX model does not have a trim ajustment.

This hull seems to be forward heavy and overall a deep draft. I had more trouble getting into the sandy beach then any other ski. They were helping me by pulling and pushing in. Another Yamaha FX Cruiser with a 140 or 160 was easier to pull into the beach. The FX is a different longer hull and the motor balance point is much different.

Fuel consumption on this first day was poor. Full tank is now below half near one third. Total use of 3.2 hours today. Hull does not plane with us until 5,000 + RPMs and about 25 mph. Falls off plane 25 to 20 mph. RPM's were not taken over 6500 today and most of the day was cruising after the break-in. Fastest today was 42 mph. Dis not want to push the engine yet. I thought the VX Sport, Deluxe, and Cruiser were the lowest consumer of petrol in the business?

Vibration in handlebars is terrible. My hands were numb now they just hurt.

Cruiser seat looks cool but makes your butt sweat below the waistband. Can not sit sideways in the front seat easily or comfortably. Passenger or spotter cannot ride backwards because of the low seat back bucket style seat design. Can not use the seat to put your feet down on the large flat rear platform.

What is your experience with the VX models? Not the FX they are different hulls and weight distribution. I'M NOT HAPPY!

Wonder how big a blood bath it will be to get out of this one, and buy something else? Not happy with this dealer either.