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    Im from holland
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    kawa X2 -Dutch project

    Hello All,

    You might have seen my questions about seadoo watercrafts but now i alsow have bought a kawasaki x2 650cc ski! I am going to use it while my seadoo is still in the shop and that will take some time.

    It is in the origional state only the stickers are aff, all of the instruction stickers are still on it .

    I took the ski out for a swim this weekend but is was crazy to ride sutch a thing. What i read in revieuws of the ski that it takes something that not all modern day ski's need "skill"! that correct! after a few hours i could ride it a bit but it was difficult! But it was nice. I bought the x2 becouse it looks like a dirtbike but then for water use.

    The engine sounds verry good, no tikking and scratching ore anithing of that. But the carb needs adjestment. The engine stalled when i wanted to drive away. When i put it on the shoke gave some gas then off the shoke than the engine dit it ( playing
    with the shoke ) So the engine must nog get enought mixture.

    The High speed nedle was 1.5 strokes out
    The LS was fully in ( thats not good )

    LS fuel adjusters is size 52
    HS i thing 127 ore someting

    I took the inlet apart.
    Cleand it all
    Membranes are good
    No broken gaskeds

    The engine ran good while leaving it someware on the choke. So it must be a feul problem.

    How should i adjust my carb in the origional steeings?

    Ill update the topic soon with some pictures off my x2!


    Spelling flaws are free due to the fackt that im dutch

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    check out

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