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    Thumbs up GP1200R 66v-Triple PIPES and HULL FOR SALE

    Triple Pipes for sale---working perfect seized engine last week and selling going to post on EBAY along with the HULL which has brand new jet pump and new 14/20 solas impellar ......HULL has the R&D trim tabs and engine has been removed. Again will be making pictures....Pipes selling for $500 and the HULL is
    $600 dollars.....All are working perfectly...Engine removed all electrical system is there even 500/gph bilge pump and switch ......HULL comes with R&D intake Grate brand new and R&D ride plate just sealed IN JULY plates and gell coated HULL''' SUPER STRONG''''!!!! Call Chris and will be taking pics today...8/05 Has the Motocross handle bars with new grips and motocross pad....also had the race seat Hydroturf and Hydroturf mats applied....Again will be making Photos of HULL and Triple PIPES for email is [email protected] This is perfect deal for somebody placing new race engine and in need of HULL super reinforced....with Trim Tabs.
    Chris ----#410-239-2520
    Again making pics and will post tonight GP1200R 2001 Hull and Triple pipes all hardware included...mainfold springs nuts and bolts-----$500 To all those reading this forum a possible buyer has called rapidly on these two items.....please stand by ---thank you.

    OK to everybody all was sold today sorry ---Sold this afternoon ....! Should anyone come across a Pristine STX-12 or STX-15 I am game absolutely no modifications just want a few hours used one in Awesome condition...GP is a rocket...
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    I'm interested in the pipes what brand are they?

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    sold, I'm picking up the whole package today @ noon

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    Dirty Sanchez if you don't end up buying it i will get the pipes

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    interested in the hull if you wanna get rid of it.

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