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    2008 S150 air intake

    What are the chances of being able to buy a 2008 S150 air intake. I have a 2007. Seems easier to just get the 2008 intake than make one from scratch. Is the 2008 4inch or 3?

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    Here's what the '08 Intake actually looks like in the Boat:

    Shoot Jerry a PM and see if he can get you a price on it.

    It'll be wayyyyy cheaper to just design your own. There are plenty of pics around here of everyone elses, so you can find a setup that you can copy, or you can make one up yourself. Most likely it'll be under $100 to build it whichever way you go.

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    I'm probably going to do something very similar to what you did. The stock for 2008 looks like 3" anyways. Need to get the washers done first though. (Kind of doing this ars backwards). Prop is going in tomorrow then washers after vacation. (deal with the devil) Not sure what comes after that. Maybe more aggressive SC? Jerry is going to have it anyways. add a greenwheel? ... stage 3 kit? LOL?

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    I have an 06 SCIC sportster and added a greenwheel, 14/19, SS wear ring, and washers. I picked up 4-6 km/h and I don't have my air intake on yet. The elusive 3-4" reducing elbow didn't arrive from ebay before vacation. I'm only turning 7600 RPM and I'm looking for 500 more. I'm not sure I'm going to get it with a 4" intake and might have to depitch the 14/19 during offseason. I'm in cold water too.

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