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    blowing 5 amp fuse

    i have a 96 gti thats is blowing the 5 amp fuse .can anybody tell me how to dignoise if is the stator or the mpem.

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    I'm betting on it being mpem ,I would bet you or someone tried to jumpstart or messed up installing battery and let it short out,I could be wrong MPEM sometimes just plain flat go bad, Most of time when an mpem 5amp is blown it is too late,If you replace fuse it just blows again. Check to be sure you have no wires that have rubbed or melted to ground,If all is ok,I would say replace mpem, after testing stator to be sure it isnt going to ground.borrow a seadoo shop manual for the ohm readings you should get or perhaps there is one here online>Marvin

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    The quick and dirty way to check this is to disconnect all wires from the mpem except for the red wire and the ground,put a 5 amp fuse in it ,if it blows the MPEM is toast.

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