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    Throttle Cable, Oil issues, and Exhaust!

    Hey guys, just noticed that my throttle cable has a recall cable on the opposite side of the pulley and it is getting stuck. The throttle engages fine and returns to normal position, but the recall cable gets stuck and doesnt go into the cable housing. It's a little rusted, so i attempted to load it with rust bust and some grease which worked temporarily until it dried up and started to occur again. Im pretty sure it doesnt effect performance... but anything that deals with the throttle return is not something that should be avoided. Any ideas? the cable seems to extend deep into the hull, does it follow the throttle cable up to the handle bars? Worth replacing or just keep using some grease?


    Anyone Else hear a consistent popping noise coming from the exhaust when accelerating their ski or when they let off the throttle. Everyone i ride with or anyone on the shore always hears the pop noise as i take off. I just took out my water box and looked throughout my exhaust and nothing is blocked off. Could this just be part of the ski? None of my buddies GP's do it.


    Thought i would add this to here to reduce clutter and another thread. My buddies GP800r tends to smoke A LOT of oil and he has to hold the throttle wide open when he starts the ski. Is there an oil switch that adjusts how much oil is put into the system... or is it occuring because he used a 2 cycle tcw-3 alternative oil instead of yamalube. I'm going with the yamalube issue! He did recently rebuild his carbs... but all he did was replace the gaskets and fix a stuck acc. pump and never did any adjustments because the ski is totally stock.

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