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    Plug wire(s) breaking down? anyone?

    Headed out the other day, started out ok then started running rough. 5 minutes on plane and I couldn't get over 40. limped in, went home for spare plugs put them in and no joy. Next, pulled spark plug wires from riding buddy's Ultra and low and behold problem solved. Put a meter on my wires and they all read in range..these are carbon leads? break down only shows after they heat up.

    104 hours on ski. anyone else with the problem?

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    I did not.
    But,there is something i wanted to point out.
    When you replace plugs ALWAYS put on the caps.
    Without the caps they work BUT this could cause spark plug failure,spark plug cable failure and even ECU failure.

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    Yup. I put the caps on... you're right, they'll arc if you just leave the threaded stud with no cap and bad things will happen. By the way, not confirmed, but Kawi service guy says he's sure they are solid copper leads. They have (and are supposed to have) 5K ohms resistance. So if they are solid copper, then there is a 5K suppressor/resistor in the plug end..I noticed that there is what looks like screwdriver slots in the plug end terminal. The resistor may be behind that....replaceable?
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    OK. answered my own question. Discovered that spark plug boots were allowing an arc to creep right up the plug stem. There was no dielectric grease on them. I ride in saltwater and it looked like there may have been a tiny bit of salt on the boots that allowed a conductive path. Cleaned up all the boots and greased them up. Runs like new; problem solved.

    Keep a good layer of silicone grease on the outside of the rubber boot all the way up!
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