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    Unhappy where is the water coming from?

    just got a used 96 slt 780 The mfd was not working which was causing the rev limiter to kick in. This was bypassed by disconecting the mfd. until i can find another mfd. which brings me to my question. while riding i noticed a stream of water that looks like its coming from behind the stearing yoke. i didnt see any where it could be coming from no water was splashing up on the front . need help thanks.

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    There is a small tube that connects to your mfd to register the speed. If the tube is not connected, it will spray water. Either plug it or connect it to the mfd.

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    Smile you are so right !!!

    you are so right. the guys were i took it to must have discontected it to bypass the rev limiter because the mfd was bad. I`ll plug the hose or i guess i could plug it back up to the mfd that wounldnt efect the low fuel limiter? Thanks for the info !!!!

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    Plugging in the speedo tube won't affect the electrical portion of the display.

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