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    01 gp1200r might be for sale

    Im thinking of selling my 2001 GP1200r. I just had it painted after having some fiberglass work done in the rear of the ski. Well after taking it out this weekend after spending all that money to have the work done it cracked all along the spot that was repaired. Im to the point now where I just cant sink anymore money into this thing. List of mods are 10 hours on engine with rebuilt crank, pro x pistons, vf3's with spacer, 3 degree keyway, oil pump blockoff, stock carbs jetted to 125 mains 110 pilots 95 gram spring and 1.5 ns, accel pumps removed, primer fittings installed, r&d power plenum, riva rec heads, r&d dplate, jetworks mod, auto cycling bilge pump with waterproof switch, tiny tach, r&d free flow, tunnel reinforcement, IR updated rideplate and pump shoe brackets, dual fuel pickup mod, primer installed where fuel selector was, r&d 1200 and 800 grate, IR mod 4 ride plate, HO pump with 14/20 DF,ppk, sealed pump shoe, protaper handle bars, new hydroturf, billet gas cap, silver bow eyes, new paint (black bottom, black top with blue pearl in it, ultra white cowls, exotic signs graphics kit, black and white hydroturf seat cover, newly painted black grabhandle (done by icerat which looks amazing), N8R's keel mod which I havent installed yet. Im sure there are other things I am forgetting. Current rpms its turning are right around 7190-7240 depending on weather. I pulled a 74.1 on low fuel buzzer in superman with no tabs on it. Ski runs good and looks even better, def. turns alotta heads. Now the bad part the crack goes right across the back corner to alittle before the middle of the ski. I will get some pics up later tonight of everything. I ripped up the new back hydroturf so the damage could be checked out by a couple body shops. I was quoted around 750-1200 depending on where I went to fix. I will order new hydroturf and a back bumper for it (kinda messed it up while removing). Comes on a new 2008 yacht club galv. trailer with less than 1000 miles on it. Have title for ski and trailer. Ski has I think about 120 hours on it. 10 on motor I think even less on pump. I would really like someone to come check the ski out in person if they are interested just so they can really look it over instead of going off pics and dealing with all that. I am located in Holtwood, PA about 20 mins south of lancaster. Make me an offer on the ski if your interested and we will go from there. I do know what I have it including the trailer and know what it will cost to fix so please no low ball offers. Thanx, Justin

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    also forgot new sho nozzle, and a 85mm nozzle with visability and siphon spout blocked offed and smoothed out.

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    the pics dont have the grabhandle in them I just got it in the mail today from being painted and it looks awesome. Pretty much a nice smack in the face after all this crap happened.

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    everything can be fixed.nice ski looks like rookie work sorry for your bad luck....but none of that fiberglass work looks reinforced at all just imo....ive done stuff way tuffer then that done sell its not a hard fix at all.

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    That is one sharp ass ski. Dude I love the color scheme. That sucks about that damage. If your in need of a hull, my buddy has one for sale. We are located in Charleston SC. We'd be more than willing to put you up for the night if you wanted to make it a trip and hang out. Even have an extra ski for you to ride if you want.
    Damn thats a good looking ski.

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    I wish deals like these were closer, or at least on the other side of the US.

    Nice ski...I wouldn't think that would be that hard of a fix. With the paint being so fresh, it would be simple to blend it. It kinda looks like it cracked again from tying it down thru the rear holes(thats where I tie mine down on the trailer) If thats the case, it was never fixed right. Won't the original repair guy cover it?

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    he wont return phone calls. Time to pay him visit. I honestly dont want him doing anymore work on the ski if this is whats gonna happen everytime.

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    well Im pretty much set on selling ski. If anything I might consider a new sho or something along that line. I listed on craigslist but would much rather sell to someone on here who would apriciate it and take care of it. Thanx, Justin

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    sold pending payment

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