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    SLT 700 96 Not starting after running ok

    First start of the day not an issue.
    Just picked up this unit from dealer Friday. After running for half hour more on lake plenty of warm up time, came in to switch passengers on the big tube. Could not restart finally began checking fuel, air, spark. The spark did not come to the party. Repeated attempts to start no luck, gave up. Came out later to put away started up no issue. Tried a few times cold starts every time. The restart is now a bit of a question mark. Will pick up fresh plugs tomorrow don't no history on them.

    Please advise for those of you with more experience and knowledge on this watercraft.


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    Welcome to the Hulk..

    Make sure you have a good/new battery with at least 11volts measured with a meter at the battery while cranking.. Warm/Hot battery tend to drop in voltage.

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    Thanks, for the tip I will Bring the charger to the beach to verify condition,
    as well as new plugs.

    It does seem curious for the PWC not to want to light just after a ride.

    Thanks for the tip, the pwc performed beatifully otherwise

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    Bum, your ignition system may have been updated to a little newer style CDI and/or stator which requires an update.
    Split the electrical box and see if the power supply (red/purple) to the CDI is attached to an orange wire. If it's attached to the red/purple on the terminal board, move it to the orange marked terminal and see if that takes care of your issue.

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    Have you heard of an ignition replacement kit or am I getting ahead of myself, if yes approx. price ??

    Also the update ph2ocraft refers to deserves a bit of investigation,

    Thanks again.


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