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    NuJet Blade

    anyone use this on a Ultra 150 and how did it work?
    i loved them on the 1100 and 900 i had,, but im new to the Ultras,, got a ADA,,Solas Nozzle,, and Shredder,, but trying to decide on an impeller,, i here Dyna fly 16/21 but i like the NuJet and would like to stay with it if one person says that they like its performance on the Ultra..

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    Get the solas 16/20 or have the stock one modded, that is what has shown the best results.

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    I've tried one on an Ultra. It's terrible out of the hole but its got the strongest mid-range and top end of any prop I've tried. I would only use it if you NEVER race from a dead stop. It will spin for what seems like 30 sec. before it catches and takes off but from there its on!!!

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