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    Sputtering 05 GTX

    I have a 2005 3 seat 4-tec GTX. I had my other ski down for repairs so to be fair to my wife I didn't ride without her. Well I fixed my polaris and we tried to go out the other day and when the seadoo just started sputtering. I got it off the trailer and about a 1/4 mile out then it crapped out. The ski will start but just sputters and back fires. I charged the battery checked the oil and plugs and all checked good. I started it today and it would only stay running (on the hose) for about 5-8 secs then sputter out. I have brand new gas in it also. Any clues thanks.

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    ask in the 4tec section , more guys read up on them in there!>Marvin

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