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    Looking For Best Oil Change Pump

    Iam planing on buying a Oil change pump and was wondering who makes the best one. I dont want a cheapo one, rather a quality one that a dealer would use.


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    Go to Jerrys store and get the OIL BOY pump. Change your oil in about 5 minutes!!

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    Im glad you posted this I was looking around for one myself.
    Water Rat
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    For emergency use or if your pump is broken,A gallon type hand pump for a 90 weight gallon jug of transmission and rear end oil works well,just add a bit of tubing on the pickup.PS this only works for dry sump type systems like yamaha has with remote oil tank.Just a temp fix,but will get you by,>Marvin

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    we've gone thru oil boys
    expensive snap-on oil pumps
    electric pumps, drill pumps...

    the one i like the best... hydroturf has it, it's like $55 bucks.... it works VERY well

    scroll to the bottom...

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    Yeah I think I may go with Shibby. Looks like something I used to use in High School though.

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    The hydro-turf pump works great! Been using mine twice a year since 05... no problems!

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