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    No water coming outta left pisser on 01 xl800?

    Please help when flushing i have noticed water is coming out good from the right pisser but nothing from the left one no engine overheating just now ater coming outta it this includes in water ive never checked in water but i know it never overheats in our outta water.
    Thanks in advance,

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    He Jared,
    rest the trailer tongue on the ground when you have the ski on the hose, it will come out both. The ski needs to be tilted down a little to get both to work. People flush them all the time with one working, I however like to see both working to make sure they are not clogged. Nothing is wrong with you ski it is just the way it sits on the trailer that is doing that.

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    Thanks yah we always flush it with the trailer attatched to the ball on my dads huge truck so its actually leaning the opposite way a little bit when we do it...

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    Yea i just tested it for myself today... hooked up to the car/truck (in my case a nissan maxima ) the pisser wont flush water. So placing the tongue on the ground will allow the water to come out.

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    had the same issue on my xlt1200, like you no problem when in the water. Was aedvised to pinch the water hose to create a greater pressure and sure enough out it came. The hose to pinch on mine is where the water inlet goes into a Y piece, pinch the hose goingtowards the rear of the ski.

    Was also advised that if you run it with most of the water coming out of the back you do run the risk of the front cylinder getting too hot as the water is not circulating.

    The for the last 30 secs, run unpinched to clear sand n stuff from the pump.

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    Yah my dad has a 04 gmc 2500 4 door and It is jacked up 8 inches sitting on 24 inch rims so its pretty high up even with the drop hang trailer hitch so that might explain it

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    If It Sits Outside, Wasps And Bee's Like To Made Little Mud Hives In The Hoses. Get A Little Bit Of Wire And Poke It In There Gently To Break It Apart. Have Seen This All The Time

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    Ive also considered that too the thing is it is in our boat house in the cover when we dont use it now but before the guy that had it before us it sat in his open boat hose ( ours is closed) and it didnt have a cover so im shure it is clogged maby

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