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    O.B. Alabama Race Pics


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    Great photos Skip. I really like the ones with my boat upside down on top of me at the starting line!
    Duane #831

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    We try to get the best ones Are you OK. Any damage, that was crazy and completely irresponsible of the Officials to keep the racing going in those conditions.

    Poor judgement that got several hurt and damaged.

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    I am fine and I quickly got the boat out of the water and cleaned out and started right after the race. We sucked out the oil/water from the engine and fogged the crap out of it. Yesterday I changed the oil 5 times and took it to run it. It appears that everything is ok with it. I will do one or two more oil changes just to make sure all is well. Only time will tell. It never hydrolocked so I don't think any real damage was done. It just sputtered with gulps of water it was taking in. They should have changed it to a rolling start on the back straight. I only went out there the second moto because Andrew was getting ready to go. He then decided not to and I was already out there...oh well...

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    Thanks Skip!!!!! Especially for the one of my arse hanging out!!!!!

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