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    1995 SL650...confused!

    Hello - i'm new to the forum and looking for some help. I have a 1995 SL650 and just recently something happened to it. All summer long it has ran great up until this weekend. I stopped to help pick up a friend out of the water and when i went to move, it made a loud screech sound.

    At an idle it runs great, when i give it throttle it runs smooth but i have ZERO thrust and this ridiculous loud screeching noise....any suggestions?

    Does it sound like something in the drive train IE: driveshaft, impeller, bearings...

    Any help would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks again!

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    Sounds like Impeller bearing went south. Download the manual and have a peek.

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    Thanks for the help can you post a link or direct me where i can download the manual....

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    Quote Originally Posted by 95SL650 View Post
    ...can you post a link or direct me where I can download the manual....
    Not too hard to find the manual links, in the FAQ section;

    1992-1998 Polaris Service manual.

    Also mentioned in many, many threads across the Polaris forums.

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    Sounds like the coupler / driveshaft splines broke. Take off the plastic cover behind the engine on the drive shaft, and look to see if the driveshaft rotates with the coupler or just slips.

    Did you grease both the through hull fitting and the coupler often? It not, chances are that the splines are stripped.

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