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    Starting issues Twin 110s

    Is there a trick to start these motors? I have tried from cold to just pull the choke and let it spin til it starts to pumping the throtle 3 times and then choke til it fires. Also, it doesn't seem to want to fire right up when its warm and been sitting for 5 minutes. Have to give it a little throtle.
    Motors runs fine once running. Just a pain to start.

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    I would check the compression. If it is fine then you should try running some seafoam through a tank or two of gas. This stuff is amazing.

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    Seafoam will eat the old Gray Fuel Lines VERY fast. I wouldn't use it.

    If I gotta clean the Internals of the Motor, I use this stuff:

    It's good for 2 & 4 Strokes and works awesome. Just dump it in a full tank of gas and go. But don't baby the Boat when you are running this stuff, kinda beat it with the throttle, so you really clean everything out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by duramaxxed View Post
    Seafoam will eat the old Gray Fuel Lines VERY fast. I wouldn't use it.
    Old Grey(Tempo) fuel lines are bad mojo, get some automotive ones, right away. It doesn't cost that much (its about $25 for a ski so probably less then $50 for a twin motor boat like yours) Also I would rebuild the carbs. That should run you about $250 for parts ($50 and some change per carb) if you do it yourself.

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    Seafoam will eat the old Gray Fuel Lines VERY fast. I wouldn't use it.
    So change your fuel lines and then run the seafoam through it. I have seen some amazing results with the seafoam.

    '97 Acura CL 3.0 had engine check light on and dealer said there was no code to be seen. I dumped some seafoam through the brake booster hose and watched a 5 minute smoke show. Removed barrtery cable to clear code and it stayed gone for over 40,000 kms since and still counting.

    '02 FZ1 would use about an ounce of oil every 1200 KMS or so. Ran two tanks of seafoam treated gas through it and it no longer burns ANY oil.

    Last but not least my old '96 Z71 had a bad lifter knock until it warmed up. Tried to adjust valves to discover I had 6 lifters that were not pumping any oil out the pisser holes. Ran seafoam in engine oil for about 100kms. Drained and refilled with new oil. All six lifters that were previously plugged with sludge were now shooting oil about 4 inches into the air. Adjusted valves and has been perfect ever since.

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