OK everyone,

So i know there are alot of posts about this and I have been sorting through them all and trying to figure things out. So i do have a couple of questions.

I have a 1996 SLT 780, that has some wear and tear on the hull and the top aswell. I am wanting to make it nice and new again (unsure to make it stock or new color....graphics???) Anyways, I know from reading here that It has a gelcoat on it, but confused abit about painting it or changing it. If it has a gel coat on it can oyu jsut paint and prep it like anything made from fiberglass???

As for repairs to the dings and scrapes......do you repair them with glass?? bondo??? resin???? gel coat patch???

Sorry guys I know alot of people have talked about this stuff...but just trying to sort it all out.