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    Exclamation '03 GTX SC had old fuel now have small issue

    Ok I realize that not stabilizing the old fuel wasn't the smartest thing to do this past winter. The last 2 times I've taken my '03 GTX SC out, it seems to idle fine, but once I give it gas it just drags and it's loud and just doesn't go above 35mph. After about 15 minutes or so of working the new fuel through the lines, it start to function at about 98% of power and seems to normalize the more I ride it. My RPM's are then good and my speed is around 65mph on my gps.

    So would you agree it's a fuel problem?? Can I use Chevron with Techron Fuel Injector cleaner additive? How much should I add since it's usually a whole bottle for 1 full car tank which is much larger than 15 gallons right? Or would you recommend pouring the whole thing in with a fill up?

    Thanks for everyones help!


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    I use Techron at 1 ounce to one gallon of gas. So a 12-ounce bottle, instead of the 20-ounce bottle, would be good. What kind of mods do you have to hit 65-mph GPS on an '03 GTX?

    Also, the fuel is cycled under pressure from the fuel pump, to the pressure regulator, to the fuel rail, to the injectors and back to the tank. This happens in a matter of seconds.

    If it's taking 15 miutes for the engine to run correctly, my guess is that the metal spring washers in the SC are slipping and the SC needs to be rebuilt. How many hours are on the SC?... Ron

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