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Thread: PWC Explodes

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    PWC Explodes

    Watercraft explodes

    A Toledo man sustained minor injuries at about 5:40 p.m. Sunday in the south side of Devils Lake after a personal watercraft exploded when he tried to restart it, throwing him in the air and into the water. The watercraft then caught on fire before sinking.

    Scott Tucker Sr., 36, was operating a Sea-Doo when it stalled. He had his passenger, his son Scott Tucker Jr., get into the water so he could stabilize the watercraft as he tried to start it. The elder Tucker said he tried to start the watercraft and it exploded. He had bleeding on his right leg with some redness in addition to some redness on his chest. Tucker Jr., whose age was not provided, did not have any visible injuries. Both were transported to Bixby Medical Center.

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    Wow! Very lucky he is not hurt worse. An exploding PWC is not a common occurrence, so I guess he is unlucky at the same time.

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