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    04 GTX suck up some rocks and now have problems

    04 GTX SC
    This past weekend I was in unfamiliar water and got into shallow water, I was at idle and I heard gravel being sucked thru the impeller so I killed the motor instantly.
    I pushed it out to deeper water and fired it up after about 1-2 seconds it cleared the remaining gravel out and seemed to be ok.

    I took the ski out and immediately noticed that it didnít accelerate as quick as before and would only get up to about 50mph where it use to run out at about 62mph.
    I figured I had just chewed up the wear ring and maybe the impeller so I figured the damage was done so I said what the heck Iím gonna go ride.

    I had a hard time getting it to plane out when pulling the tube but it would do it.
    After getting the ski home I looked up in the pump and saw some rocks stuck in the pump on the exit side and a piece of plastic stuck in the impeller.

    I had to use a punch and hammer to free the rocks thatís how stuck they were.
    I also looked at the wear ring and impeller for damage and the wear ring has some grooves but not real bad the impeller has some very minor dings and the clearance between the two looks to be about the thickness of 2 or 3 business cards stacked on top of each other.

    Question is do you think the stuck rocks and plastic could have caused the problem or am I looking at replacing the wear ring and possibly impeller?

    Also at 137 hours what are some of the other things that I should be looking at doing to the ski?

    I just bought the ski about a month ago and only know or at least was told that it had the oil changed every year.

    Iím already planning on getting the SC rebuilt by Jerry at the Green Hulk.

    I have rode and wrenched on motorcycles for 18 years but this is my first water craft of any kind so I have no clue what Iím doing and what little I do know about them I learned at PMC Today and The Green Hulk.
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    Yes...A little twig could cause the problem you had.

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    I was in the same place 2 years ago with both of my RXP's. Do a search and you will find all the info with detailed pictures about how to change the wear ring and impeller. It sounds like you definitely need a new wear ring. As far as the supercharger you will find the same info on here and it is not that difficult. Sent mine to Jerry just last March. Had I known how easy it was they would have been sent to him long ago. I have about the same background wrenching as you do and never worked on these to any extent until 2 years ago. You can do it if I can.

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    Where is the best cheapest place to buy a wear ring and impeller if I have to go that route?
    I see SBT has re ferbed impellers for like $25 exchanged anyone using one of there impellers?
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    I just checked some business cards and they were either .005" - .006" thick. The wear limit between impeller and wear ring is .014", so it looks like you need at least a wear ring. Check the impeller for nicks as you many need that reconditioned too... Ron

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    I have the same ski and ran in to the same problem, all i did was replace the wear ring and the problem was gone wear ring cost me $60

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