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    Hose Pincher - which one?

    I'm in need of the little hose pincher tool to block off the hose to the manifold when/if being towed.

    I see an ebay listing for one p/n 295000076, for $11 delivered.

    The owner's manual calls for a 529 032 500, which I see for $37, plus shipping.

    Is the later one that much different?


    '05 GTX SC

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    a small vice grip from harbor freight is cheaper & fits in the tool bag perfectly

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    Go to home depot, or lowes and buy a 3/4 shut off valve for $5. Just make sure you get one where the opening is consistantly 3/4".
    Much cheaper, it is permanently installed, and quicker to engage should you need to pinch the hose.

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