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    Thumbs up 2000 Pro 1200 ..Help. Wont start

    Hi... looking for help. I seached the net and this seems this where all the Polaris guys are. My 2000 Polaris Pro 1200 wont start and even turn over with a new battery in it. I was summerged and now it wont start. So far I just changed the battery and was just looking for some advice on getting it running. Anyone know what I should start with ? Thanks Ed

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Polaris Service Manuals are located here.

    There is not one available online (yet) for year 2000, so you will need to work from the 1998 and 2002 online manuals.

    I have the paper 2001 Pro 1200 service manual, and others may have the year 2000 Pro 1200 service manual on hand, if you need something specific to your model year.

    Have you checked that there is no water inside the engine?
    If there was, what have you done to get it out?
    If there is/was water inside, how long has the water been in there?

    Tell us what happened to the machine, and what you have done since then.

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    Thanks. Well first it wasnt in water all that long but the electrical box CDI got wet inside. I thought i'd bypass the cdi box and jump started by crossing the solenoid and she turns over. Pulled a plug to check spark and I have spark ( only turned it over for a few secs) So then opened the cdi box and check with a test light and I have power to the large fuse. Anything else I can do or any suggestions ??? Thanks

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    Yea, it sounds like the cylinders are full of water. Since water doesn't compress, it won't allow the engine to turn over. Like K447 said, you need to get the water out of the engine, and thoroughly check for rust and/or damage.

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    Well I turned over the engine by jumping the soleniod so dont understand how the engine would be full of water?? Plus I got spark. If the engine was full of water I dont think it would turn over or have spark ?? I would think that there some electrical problem between the CDI box, soleniod and start button... not? If it's water in the engine how do I remove it?

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    Pull all the plugs and crank it how ever you can, just don't overheat the starter.If no water comes out of the spark plug holes you should be good. You can have a little water in the crank and it'll flood the gas enough not to fire.But still check you index,do a search for checking index. If you don't have water check your water full seperator and also draining the tank would be a good start,dry the box out good. let us know what you find out.

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    Pro, when you hit the start button do you have power to the red/yellow wire at the solenoid?

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    Thanks for the advice guys. What a great forum.
    I'll have to check to see if I have power at the solenoid tonight. I did pull the connection of the red/ yellow wire thats goes up to the handle bars just under the front hood and tried to connect it to the black to see if it would connect but nothing. All i know so far is I can turn the engine over easy and have spark and no water in the engine but only by crossing at the solenoid, and not able to start it by pushing the start button. I'll try ph2ocraft suggestion tonight. I would like to get it running so I can hit the lake on the weekend since I havent had the Pro 1200 that long and like to see the difference since I used to own a SL 900.

    Thanks ! !

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    Hey ph2ocraft... I took a test light connected it to the + on the battery and the red/yellow wire at the soleniod and hit the start button and I do have power. So any other suggestions anyone??

    Does the fact that my MFD doesnt work have anything to do with it not starting?? I dont think so but just wondering.

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    You should have hooked he test light to the - on the battery, or somewhere else for a ground, not the positive. Try it again and post the results.

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