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    WTB : 4 Place trailer in Iowa or midwest

    Looking for a 4 place. Will travel a little. Needs to hold 3 three seaters. I have a 3 place that will be for sale after the purchase of a 4 place. Thanks


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    Quote Originally Posted by pooner View Post
    ...I have a 3 place that will be for sale after the purchase of a 4 place...
    I am curious what the three place trailer looks like.

    Do you have any pictures of it?

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    Trailer 4 place, 3 Place

    I am with you K447 Would like to see a picture.

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    Here you go. Pretty pricey.

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    nice! that front spot looks like it is for a stand up only? otherwise I can't figure how you could load a 3 seater up there?

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    Mine is a Voyager trailer. It was a 2 place but after seeing there web site I slid my post back and added a bunk in the middle. I put a post on the tongue of the trailer for the third ski. It's a Blaster. The 2 on back are XLT 1200.

    Still looking.


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    Four place trailer in Iowa

    Still looking for that four place trailer? Here's mine, and I live just out side of Des Moines. I can sell this one or build you one like it. I haul two Sea Doo RXT's and an Kawasaki Ultra 250 on this one. Details..... 3500 pound torsion axles, adjustable swing away bow stops, 14 inch radials on custom aluminum wheels, all LED lights, powder coat finish.......take a look. If you're interested PM me......Steve

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    Not sure how far this is from you.

    But it looks like a decent 4 place trailer on Craigslist Chicago.

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