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    FOR SALE: New York , 2001 Kawasaki 750 SXI Pro -- CHEAP with Many Quality Mods..

    2001 Kawasaki 750 sxi pro
    approx 60 hrs.. (tops)

    This ski was built by Top Gun Kawasaki in Virginia by a friend of mine who owned untill last winter, he only used the ski in freshwater!! Top Gun is Highly Reputable dealer building many custom pro ski's.. This Setup is Perfect, it handles great, is fast and still reliable.. and CLEAN!

    I have the receipts for the work done to it. Totaling +$9,700 (have proof)
    the original bill of sale and manual +$6,000

    Blowsion Custom Digger Foot Plate + Mat kit
    Blowsion Exhaust Tip
    Blowsion Quick Steer Turnplate
    Polished Handle Bars
    Aluminum Aftermarket Throttle
    Handle Pole Sping
    Carbon Fiber Dash
    Blowsion Billet Fittings
    Aluminum Kickplate
    Worx Ride Plate
    Blowsion Sidemount Sponsons
    -Bilge Pump and
    -Blowsion Rear 1-way Drain

    ENGINE: consists of Quality BOLT ON parts..

    FULL SPECTRUM race carbs, just installed! (cost $1500)
    ADA head with removable Domes
    Boyesen Intake Manifold W/ Reeds
    Factory Dry Pipe W/ MSD electronic water injection Controller
    + Custom Dual Exhaust Setup
    -Oil is Blocked Off and Hoses are all Replaced (heavy duty)
    -Runs on 93 oct - mix
    -New Battery

    If your interested come see, you'll be impressed.
    Im located in:
    (Nassau) Long Island, New York
    -available for test ride..

    I Have The Cover
    Currently NY State Registered
    Have most stock parts

    Sacrifice.. i want it out quick, and the summer is coming to an end.

    $3500 -great deal.. should be $4500,
    -a complete part out should be worth more than my asking price..
    -Kelly Blue Book claims +$3200 stock!

    Contact Mike
    pick-up only.

    ***Just dropped to $3300*****

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    Any interest in shipping? Thanks, Keenan.
    [email protected]

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    Did you sell the Jet Ski.. wondering how the market for these are lately?!?!?! THX

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