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    1999 1200xl power valve issue

    Hi, I have a 1999 yamaha 1200 xl. Recently lost mid range power. Runs up to 5000rpm and stays there.
    Then, if I hit some large waves and it cavitates, it will go to 7000 and run fine on top end. If I let off the throttle back to a max of 5000rpm.

    Wire connections good, servo motor works in one direction (counterclockwise) and servo motor does not do the self check at start up on shut down any more...

    Is this a CDI box problem, sensor problem or could it actually be the servo motor??

    Help, thanks!!

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    Welcome to the hulk..

    Test the servo..
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    It could be the servo motor or the connections. Take the connections apart and make sure they are clean and show no signs of corrosion

    Do the check above as Beerdart showed

    And Welcome to the forum !

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    Thanks for the diagram!!! will do tommorow, tried the same thing almost yesterday, didn`t know the gray wire was 12v gnd.... Thought it was 12v pos. Will test and let you know what happens. Thanks!

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    Did you find a resolution? My ski runs good, but won't cycle at shut down. My thread

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    The fact it is intermittently surging to 7,000rpm leads me to believe you have a broken power valve. The broken valve is bouncing around in the valve cavity and every once and while it gets pushed open by the exhaust and stays there until you idle. At which time the valve falls back down against the piston and you lose top speed.

    This would also lead to your PV servo dying. did you ever hear a high pitch squeal come from the front your ski after shutting down?

    Brad Riggle

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