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    do many people have SLX 1200's??

    I have one but i dont see much info on these?

    New to here!! Big problems guys. 01' SLX 1200....
    I have a 2001 SLX 1200 and it has run like a scalded ape for the last 4 years. went to take her out this year and one of the pilug wires broke. So, i put new wires and plugs and alittle octane boost for the old gas, and tried to fire her up. it would turn over at a great rate...(new battery too). wouldnt start. pulled the plugs they were soaked. put new plugs, tried again same thing, soaked plugs. turned it over checked plugs for spark nothing... battery was reading about 11.0v then slowly drained to 10.0v. wtf? it never gave me problems until now? I checked the black box and all the fuses were good too? i called a shop and they said the stator and cdi(?) could be bad? PLEASE HELP ME??


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    Put a volt meter (on DC scale) onto the battery while cranking. If it is less than 10.4v, try charging the battery on the 2A scale or trickle charge overnight, then try again in the morning. If you can't get the battery over 10.4v while cranking and using a volt meter (not the display on the handlebars), replace the battery (even if it's a new one).


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    It needs to be at least 10.6v to spark

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