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    does an 04-08 gpr1300 have reverse??

    Im such a noob and i was considering buying a gpr1300 possible an 08 but mroe than likely an 06 or older and i was wondering with that big nozzel if there is reverse cause the island i pull up to gets really crowded and its dredged to 12 feet only 5 feet from the shore so i cant go out past boats and turn it around so.....

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    no reverse on the gpr stock, but there has been some discussion about it. do a search, check it out, and maybe you can figure it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by addicted View Post
    no reverse on the gpr stock, but there has been some discussion about it. do a search, check it out, and maybe you can figure it out
    I installed reverse on my girlfriends xl700 which was a super pain in my ass ( im only 13 haha ) but i got it done right and it works great... but im thinking it would be easier on the xl700 than the tight space inside a gpr's back.....

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    Another 13 year old?? Kale you better watch out!!! There ALL gunning for you!!!!

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    Oh yah my main purpose in life is to be better than kale its my sworn duty i dont wanna be the beest kid out there with skis i have no purpose for it i like to be good with riding them and working on the mbut i dont have to be the best... back to the topic do you guys think that i could possibly fine a reverse gate that could go over that huge gp nozzel?

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    take a look at this thread it should help

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