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    Diagnosis please; '96 XP VTS

    VTS on my '96 XP wasn't working. Opened VTS box, and motor was very corroded. Tested motor, it didn't work. Picked up used motor, tested it (works), installed in VTS housing, replaced blown 7.5A fuse, and nothing but a click when depressing the VTS button up and down.

    Figured VTS housing must be bad. Replaced VTS housing with brand new unit; same result......a click when VTS button is depressed. What am I missing here?

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    i am wondering if you are trying to operate the trim without the boat running? the vts motor will not work continuously. only for a second when you plug in the tether, then resets itself?

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    I thought I had 5-10 seconds after plugging in the lanyard to run electrics? Maybe I'm wrong. I will hook it up to the hose and start it and see what happens. I hope the solution is that easy!

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    Same thing with the motor running. Clicks in the housing when VTS button depressed; nothing turning.

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    Most likely the VTS motor is due for replacement. They're just another version of power window motors in vehicles but with a much less life span. They will get condensation build-up inside and rust the brushes and bearings like crazy due to the plastic housing being so well sealed. Those little motors really aren't much in the reliability department...more so when they have to face pwc conditions. Mine did the same thing and replacing it was the only cure.

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    I did replace the VTS motor. Mine was completely seized. I picked one up from a guy locally who builds race boats for his son. It is used, but works fine when jumped to the battery. I.e., I have the motor in the (brand new) housing, and only get "clicks" in the housing when I depress the VTS button either direction. But if I touch the motor terminals to the battery, it moves the worm drive in and out just like it is supposed to.

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    you could check continuity on the switch itself? if indeed bad i may have one!

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    The next thing I would look at is the wiring from the VTS electrical box to the the trim motor. It sounds like there's a broken wire somewhere in the little harness leaving the electrical box found behind the VTS housing to the trim motor. Or it could be a wire not connecting, I have seen wires inside connectors before push out just enough to not make contact. The clicking is just the trim solenoid and it will energize when you press the trim button even if the motor isn't connected. My start solenoid clicked when the wire for the positive brush inside the starter broke off leaving no connection between the starter and ground.
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    I have some what off the same prob. mine goes down but not up I get that click sound when I press up on the button

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