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    Need 951 DI Engine

    Sold my 02 GTX DI to my cousin out of state.. Anyway
    he rode it for only 4-5 tanks of gas and now engine
    went bad.. According to local to him mechanic, the wrist
    pin bearings are "balled up".. Like a low oil or debri in air intake
    Boat ran perfect up to this point.. Is a level 1 PPG DI with
    new stator, fuel pump, fuel filter, rectifier, rave valves and solenoid..

    Can anyone suggest a quick turnaround time or "good" engine
    exchange ..
    He is located in Minnesota

    Thanks for any help.. I feel really bad about this . He is not being
    an ass and knows he bought used, I would like to be able to help him
    out as I am a lot more knowlegeable about seadoos than him.

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    So long as you dont have any holes in the block or anything is probably the easiest thing .... they can be a bit pricey sometimes though but check it out

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    that's getting ahead. what all really happned? what the hell does "balled up" mean? i'd like to hear the real current issue...what's the compression and are the bearings still in position??? never heard of wrist pins bearings going south on their own...and how would you know just from looking???

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    I have seen wrist pin bearings fail just from sitting. Moisture colects in the top of the Piston and causes the bearing and wrist pin to rust. If the rod is ok just do a topend. If he ran it till it broke you need an engine.

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    sounds like he ran it out of oil.

    Unless he took off the air intake which I doubt, there is no such thing a debris in air intake track on a doo', can't get by the screens.

    Sounds like he need to take it to a ski dealer, not the local lawnmower clinic.


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