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    Need Gauge Help On 2004 RXP

    I know it is late in the season, but I just started my RXP up for the first time this year last weekend and my gauge cluster is DEAD. I have gone through the wiring for loose or broken wires, checked the fuses, even checked to see if power was making it to the gauges. But nothing is on.. The Digital and Analog both do not respond when I connect the lanyard. Fires up just fine...

    Please help.. Would like to get out this summer...

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    Who needs gauges... just keep gas in it! Sounds like you've covered the bases, my have a bad cluster?

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    I would say it is the gauges but I only have like 50 hours on the Seadoo. However will all the other problems I have had with it who knows.. You could be right..

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    sounds like the guages are dead...

    it happens.. it's not a rare thing.. ESPECIALLY on 2003-2005 seadoo 4strokes

    not gonna be a pretty parts bill ($587 i believe is retail)

    i have a BRAND NEW gauge cluster if you get in a pinch.. (for way less than retail) can PM me if you like

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    welcome to the forum

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    So it did turn out to be the gauge cluster.. Turns out the manufacturers glue sealing the face was rotten and water.. As soon as I took the chrome bezel off I was able to see where the water was leaking it at. Took it all apart and there is some pretty serious damage to the circuit board. Might be able to repair, but might be looking for a gauge cluster.. Anyone have an extra with VTS readout??

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