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    Best long block?

    I lost my engine thanks to my IC springing a major leak and it hydro locked before it could be shut down, ran like you know what, than sputtered than locked up . So now I need a long block, I'm thinking of just going in and order a new long block from Sea Doo, but should I or get a rebuilt from someone else and if so who? BTW its for my stage 3 06.

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    depends whats up with you motor you can easily replace bend rods and pistons if needed the head should be fine so get it stripped and assessed first. Can you get a long block from seadoo over there here in NZ they give a stupid price of over $20,000 for a long block which is rediculous as a new rxp is $23,000 but we can rebuild a motor for around $3-5k depending how bad it is. thats using genuine parts.

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