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Thread: 2004 xl700

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    2004 xl700

    hi all new guy to this forum presently i have 4 pwc 3 yamaha (94 waverunner 3,98 gp1200,04 xl700) and a polaris (98 slt760).the 04 xl700 starts fine runs fine for about 15 minuits then will die and wont start for about 20 min.if im running after its warmed up it stumbles and misses then will die if i come down to it seems to be something that is malfunctioning once it is hot.if anyone has any ideas any help would be appreciated.

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    try taking it to the yamaha dealer and tell them that you want a check up on your cylinder heads and valvs system
    i think it might be a problem that your engine is starting cold running cold and then suddenly getting hot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slashrks4lyf View Post
    valvs system.
    no vavls in a 2 stroke 62t engine.

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    thats it the best you can do thanks alot for no help.i know someone out there must have some idea of whats going on here i ve very little experience with these toys and need some help please.

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    if it starts and runs fine for 15 mins then ur carbs are fine but it is possible that ur muffler could be gettin clogged. see if ur model has a cat converter . the 1200s are known for this problem. after 100 hrs or so they take a crap n the ski starts running like skit.

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    Theres no cat in 700 or 800 and no way for an exhaust to get clogged.

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    Also just get the carbs rebuilt. Its 4 years old, I usually rebuild mine every other year just as an added insurance!

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    Carbs are always suspect! and so is the check valve for the fuel vent

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    then again this frigin post is 4 months old

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    and then again,it was posted in the wrong forum... bet it was his vent..

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