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Thread: Ski Blew UP!

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    Ski Blew UP!

    How much would a 98 XL 1200 be worth with a blown engine? Mechanic told me about $3,500 to get it fixed. That's more than the darn thing is worth in good condition. I'd like to sell it as is for the parts alone. Not sure how much to ask. It may end up in my works construction dumpster.

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    I bought my 2 for around 1000 each it cost me 1500 to build them

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    Post up some pics and a location.
    As it gets closer to winter I may be up for another winter project if the price is right..

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    I'll sell you a complete long block. good used crank, new seals. nice cases, fresh matched bore to all 3 cylinders and pro-x piston. perfect head and oem base and head gaskets. No core charge. 1450. plus you pay freight

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