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    1999 1200xl Power Valves /cdi ??

    Anyone on with electric power valve knowledge? Tried a test per some instructions another member sent to me. Results wre somewhat inconclusive..

    Motor did move, but just slightly. When bumping the start button p v electric motor will (home) all the way counter clock wise. But no self -check at start up like it always did.

    What makes this motor advance the port timing? CDI box??? Some type of sensor else where on the motor???


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    Quote Originally Posted by LKN FUN View Post
    ...But no self -check at start up like it always did.

    I only remember the cleaning (where it opens then closes) when you turn it off...

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    I guess thats what it was doing when it cycles back and forth, cleaning..? It`s not doing that at start up OR shut down... I am not convinced that it is a servo motor... Could it be a CDI or some kind of sensor??? HELP!

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    Check the wiring for corrosion on the motor and the plug remove the rubber boot to see the wires on motor. This has been an issue in the past.

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