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    2000 GP1200r Problems w/PVRS and Cat

    Hi all,

    This is my first post to the forum. Looks like a great place for ski info!

    I had a starter go bad on my 2000 GP1200 with 116 hours and took it to the shop before I found this forum. Since I've only had this ski for a few months (bought used) I asked them to go over the whole thing and check it out. They have given me an estimate of $1200 to replace the cat with a D plate, replace the powervalve, replace the oil lines and the starter. Isn't this a bit steep?

    They are claiming that the power valve is 'gone'. I've read many posts about these valves and understand that it can happen.

    The ski runs 64mph wot and doesn't skip or miss. It's a tiny bit slow to get on plane but compared to others I've ridden, it will fly so I'm a bit skeptical on this valve issue. If the valve has been 'ingested' and spit out by the engine, wouldn't I have a hole in a piston and 1/3 of the power, if it still ran?

    Can the power valves be completely removed or will the performance suffer greatly? I know they're used to enhance low rpm power. Would it be best to replace them all? I'm pretty handy with a wrench so is this something I can do myself? I've rebuilt two engines in my life and have a full service manual in pdf form so I would think that I could do it without much help. How long would it take a novice to do this? Do I need to pull the engine to do this type of work?

    Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to weigh my options before I shell out a week's pay for a toy.


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    You can put a D plate in it yourself in 2 hours easy. There's no way the powervalve is "gone". Your piston would be gone as well. Seeing as you're running 64 mph with a stock ski I will even go so far as to say the powervalves are working. Go to the shop and ask to look at the powervalves without giving them a a heads up that you're on the way. You can fix the powervalves yourself as well, odds are you just need to clean them and put on the waveater clips.

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    Eric Welcome to the hulk..

    The work is not hard.. The power valves have been known to loose the pin and drop down if it is dropped its only a matter of time till it takes out the piston and possibly the cylinder. Inspect them yourself its in the manual. At that time buy some Waveater clips and install them they prevent the pin from falling out. As for the cat and D-plate that also is an easy install you must remove the exhaust stinger pipe and remove the cat and install the D-plate than install the resistor plug in place of the cat temp sensor. Any Q'ss just ask.

    Crap VOODOO beat me again

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    IF the pin is out of the powervalve and it dropped, it can be put right back in. IF this is the case, you may have gotten lucky if it's running that good. Do a compression check and if all is well you're good to go once you put the pin back in and then add the waveater clips to hold them in place. This is all VERY EASY stuff, I'm talking a matter of minutes.

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    Wow. Quick replies! Thanks everyone! I guess the shop is yet another of those 'get all the money you can' shops. The guy is a fast talker and was quite adamant about doing all the work when I told him to just change the starter and be done with it. It's already there so I might as well let 'em change it. $250 for the starter job. I'll do the rest of the work myself. I can't wait to tell him that in person. hehe

    BTW, what's the average lifespan on a well cared for gp1200 engine?

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    I'll open another thread on the lifespan question. Probably many people would be interested in that conversation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericheavner View Post
    I'll open another thread on the lifespan question. Probably many people would be interested in that conversation.
    Use the search function, it's been hashed over. Also the Yamaha 2 stroke performance forum is the best place to post this stuff Welcome to the forum by the way!

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    Thanks for the welcome Voodoo. I've found a ton of information here. I'll contribute as possible when I learn more.


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    the starter is a pain to replace, the bendix is a bigger pain! I bought my gpr for a good deal because it had a bad bendix and the seller was quoted $800 by the dealer to fix it. I was waverunner green a few months ago, but now I am not afraid to tackle anything, I learned alot from here and doing the bendix job myself.

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