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    05 Sportster LE gel coat spider webbing??

    I drive it like most people on here and noticed spider webbing in 2 places.

    1. Around the edge of the front bow seat, all the way around the front edge following perfectly the edge of the pad. You actually have to lift the pad to see it. A long hairline crack in the gel coat.

    2. On the floor, right and front of the ski storage compartment. This one has several hairlines that you could cover with your open hand.

    It goes out of warranty in 09.

    Question 1. Can/should I use calking on the bow seat hairline crack?

    Question 2. Will they cover the full grind-out and fill procedure under warranty?

    Question 3. Do I need to worry about these?

    Your thoughts are very much appreciated.


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    I had an 05 Sportster 4-Tec that I recently traded for an 07 RXT... Anyway I started getting some of those hairline cracks last season... Right around where the 3 back seats, meet the floor, near the cup holders... I had hydro-turf installed, so they were not very noticable, those boats are known for lack of support between the hull and that part of the deck, at least that is what i read from other Sportboat owners when I first investigated it. All posts seemed to indicate that dealer says they are cosmetical. Anyway, I traded my boat (not for that reason) If you want to see what is supporting the deck, look from inside the ski compartment, you will see the big "blobs" of white silicone looking material, sorrounded by a mesh, used to reincorfe the deck from below... My lake is pretty choppy so my Sportster and I were always taking a beating, but those boats are supposed to be built for that! You have pics?

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    I saw the white blob mesh screen supports in the hull. I have trouble posting pic's but I'm cirtain we're talking about the same stuff. These are the only 2 places I have found. I've read about the craacks from others like you've seen on yours as well. Thank you for the reply.

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    I see spider cracks on new Sea Rays when they bump the dock too hard. There's not much you can do about them. But, if they really bother you, try rubbing a crayon on them, then wipe off with a rag. After all, a crayon is just thick colored wax... Ron

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