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Thread: 13/18 on S200

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    13/18 on S200

    Hi guys. The lakes I run on are 3800 to 4800. Was wondering if anyone had tried a 13/18 on the S200 at these altitudes, or if you guys were just going with the 14/19 and depitching a little. Thanks, Cole

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    At sea level, the 14/19 would be just about right for a slightly modded S200. You're stock with the 4" intakes and coupled with the altitude (the effects with which I have no experience) I would guess the 13/18 would be a good estimate. If anything, maybe you add a little.

    I'm curious as to how the rpms are affected by altitude, all other factors being equal . . . like 8100 at sea level and 7700 at 4500'?

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    Right now I'm running the factory high altitude impellers. They are reccomended for over 4000'. They are pretty close. On the lake at 3800', I run right about 8100. At 4800, I'm at about 7800. I put in the high altitude ones before I even ran the boat, so I don't know what the stockers would do.

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