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    95 yamaha wr3 GP bogging

    I have 2 yamaha waverunner 3 gp 700cc watercrafts and both have brand new carbs. The one runs perfect just the other one will run for 45 mins flawless on a full tank then will not go full throttle. Then it will bog out w/ ne more than 1/4 throttle.

    I've taken it out twice and both times it looks like the gass is at the same lvl when the problems occur. The cap to the gas tank on the one that wont work right has been taken off to clean the tank. The carbs were preajusted but we checked the ajustmens and they are correct. Ne suggestions on what to do??

    And I tried it again today w/ a full tank and it did it right away. If ne 1 has ne sugestions pls let me know

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    And b4 it broke we had the original carb on there so we put the new 1 on after it did it the first time it ran for about the same time then it started doin it.

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