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    Question Help, Engine Stops Running

    Any ideas? When going full throttle, on my 93 seadoo, after a period of time, it turns off and you have to wait awhile before it will turn back on. But it seems to only happen when, its at full throttle. If your just cruising, or playing around it doesn't shut off. ??????

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    ii the worst it's seizing, but it's probably not that. how many time has it happens and when you don't let it cool down and you tyr to start it what happens? does the starter just "clunk" and not turn the motor over?

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    well, i wasn't the one that was using it when it happened, but my friends say that it did that all weekend, and after it would shut off, it would crank to try and start but would not start unless you waited like five minutes.

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    Clogged carb filters and or bad fuel lines are they old, Sounds like you need to redue the line and clean everything out like the tank screens in the tank fuel line. I think whats happening is at full throtle it can't get enough fuel because of the clog. .clean the carb filters also at least check them out

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    young padi-wan learns quick. (ashelgren) Crazylady...when was the last time this ski was overhauled? this ski is 15 years old, has it ever?

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    might not be getting air into the tank and starves. try runnig with the gas cap ajar and see if it does it.

    does it crank over right after the shut-off????? or is it stuck temporarily. that's very important.

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