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    Just pumped a gallon of oil out of my motor

    I just changed my oil and I pumped over a gallon of oil out. I have been having trouble with low RPMs and low speed. Is this probably why I have been having these problems? About 2 weeks ago the jetski had showed "low oil" and the jetski went into limp mode. But that was right off of the trailer and the dipstick did not read any oil on it.

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    at that time did you add oil to it?

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    Yeah, I added almost a quart. So I think before I added more, it was already over 3 quarts.
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    Did you use the correct procedure to check the oil? Level the ski on trailer or in the water, warm engine, idle engine for 30 seconds, turn off engine, wait 30 seconds and check oil. It should be in the middle of the two bends on the dip stick... Ron

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    Yes I did that, but once again I had more than was supposed to be in there so maybe this will get me running a little better. Just wanted to see what you all thought.
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    Well, it's hard to warm up on the trailer without burning up the carbon seal. And it's hard to check on the water, unless you tie up to a dock and have someplace to set your seat while you're checking the oil level... Ron

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    You may have a oil sensor going bad had the same thing happen to me at start oil light run low for 4 or 5 mins hit the throttle happen again idle no prob then after a few times no prob rest of day

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    I checked it in the water, it was perfectly level with not a wave anywhere. I just don't see even if it was unlevel which it would be very minimal how that would not be able to read on the dipstick. I put the quart in and it read fine, so I was like wtf how did a quart do that.

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    A shot in the dark....Does anyone else ride your ski? Perhaps they too saw the alarm and added oil after you?

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