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Thread: XL700 project

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    XL700 project

    I have an XL700 that needs new pump, driveline, etc. but the engine is in great shape. I was wondering if i could take these parts from an XL800 and put them in my XL700. My friend has an XL800 that is just sitting there cause the engine needs to be rebuilt. He said I could take what ever parts I wanted I just didnt know if these parts would work. Thanks for your help.

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    not gong to fit. been through this looking for aftermarket parts for my XL700. best way to see if something will work is if you go to and match parts from other skies . late 90's venture has the same ride plate and intake, 98 1200 has the same too. just look and compare.

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    he willing to part with the engine and electrics?

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